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Sherry Yost

Liturgical Stained Glass

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Kateri Detail, 87K, 384x512
Kateri Detail
Tekakwitha, 144K, 600x800
Kateri Tekakwitha
Mother Teresa, 213K, 641x1064
Mother Teresa

Above are a few windows created for St. Aloysius on the Gonzaga University campus,
one of the churches that inspired me to become a stained glass artist.

If you have not visited this site recently, new photos have been added at the bottom.

The windows below are installed at Carmel of the Holy Trinity in Spokane, Washington.

Annunciation, 278K, 1200x1600
Annunciation Angel, 49K, 524x447
Annunciation Angel
Jesus and Mary Magdalene, 44K, 348x530
Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Resurrection Angel, 46K, 503x428
Resurrection Angel
Angel of the Nativity, 43K, 490x407
Angel of the Nativity
Nativity, 69K, 450x600
Jesus in the Manger
Angel of Christ in Majesty, 51K, 505x442
Angel of Christ in Majesty
Christ in Majesty, 239K, 1200x1600
Christ in Majesty
Vatican in Rome, 197K, 800x1067
Scourging, 214K, 600x1509
Scourge Detail, 284K, 800x1207
Scourge Detail
Scourge Detail, 95K, 400x613
Mary Magdalene

The windows below are in Central Lutheran Church, Spokane, Washington.
The double lancets are 12' tall, and designed to match a set of four
on the opposite south wall of the church that were built by a german company
some time before WWII.

Crucifixion, 342K, 794x1517
Trial & Crucifixion
Sermon, 362K, 1200x900
Sermon on the Mount
Crucifixion Detail, 320K, 880x1514
Crucifixion Detail
Miriam with Moses in the Bullrushes, 194K, 800x594
Miriam with Moses
Whitewater Rafting, 225K, 600x1246
Moses in Nile
Martin Luther Nailing Theses, 194K, 600x1105
Martin Luther
210K, 600x1391
Come Unto Me
Palm Sunday & Last Supper, 227K, 800x903
Palm Sunday

The window below is a restoration for St. Michael's Catholic Church near Worley, Idaho, May 2004.

Jesus-Original by CR 1911 Jesus, artist's copy after restoration

Jesus damaged by vandals

Artist's copy after restoration

Jesus Installed
Reconstruction by Susan Kim of Reflections Stained Glass

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